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EnMs Auditor / Lead Auditor Conversion Training Course

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Mr. Achladas Panagiotis


Learning objectives:

The aim of this course is to equip existing auditors ofother management system standards with the knowledge and skills required to perform audits of energy management systems against ISO 50001, in accordance with ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021, as applicable. In detail, the training coursewill provide students with the basis to become a competent Lead Auditor,

including via the following:

  • purpose of an energy management system
  • explain the role of an energy management system and the business and environmental benefits of improving energy performance
  • explain the interrelationship between management responsibility, energy policy, energy planning, implementation of policy, checking performance, management review and continual improvement
  • benefits of a quality management system
  • writing audit reports
  • generating audit findings

Successful completion of the course (including examination) will result in the issue of a certificate which may be used to support an application to become registered as an IRCA auditor.

Being certified as an IRCA auditor is a clearstatement that you are a recognized, qualified and capable auditing professional.


Preconditions/ knowledge:

The students are expected to know the concept of management systems, preferably through completion of a Lead Auditor Course in another discipline. Furthermore, they require knowledge of the requirements of ISO 50001 as well as of energy management principles and concepts. Successful participation is supported by knowledge of the principles of fuel combustion, heat transfer and energy flow as well as methods and technologies for increasing efficiency.

Group of participants:
All those who require detailed knowledge of EnMS auditing processes are welcome. Management system consultants, management involved in ISO 50001 implementation and maintenance, personnel working with regulatory authorities and all those who require a detailed knowledge of the EnMS audit process.

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