Hellenic Management Centre - Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Greek Branch

Πλάτωνος 1 & Σωτήρος Διός, Πειραιάς, 18535
T. 210 4125945

The official educational provider of ICS in Greece
The HMC is established in Greece as the leading maritime training and consulting centre which focuses on the significant role of the human element in the business development of the company. It is exclusively authorised by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers to provide professional maritime training and education.

The HMC is committed to the provision of top training and education for shipping practitioners who wish to expand and certify their knowledge in the field of their interest through the ICS Annual Professional Maritime Programme, a familiar feature in the training calendar of shipping companies in Greece.

Since 2005, the HMC is the official administrator of the ICS Greek Branch, building and enhancing relationships between members of the Greek Shipping community and worldwide. As the official educational provider of the ICS in Greece, HMC promotes continuous professional development of the ICS members.

With an enrollment of over 4.000 shipping practitioners and with the establishment of longterm customer relationships, HMC has been accredited by the Greek shipping market as an institution offering "top quality maritime training and consulting". In 2010, the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Greek Branch was recognized during the 7th Annual Lloyds List Greek Shipping Awards with the Award for ‘Achievement in Education and Training’.

The mission statement of the HMC is that “professionally qualified individuals are better placed to make better decisions for themselves and for their companies”. 

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